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Calendar of Events

Current year (2023)

On 12-2 we closed out 2023 with a Car cruise from IKEA Orlando to DonutKing in Minneola. Hope to see you next year!

Note: You may need to scroll the calendar to see events past the current month.

Be on the lookout for event postings soon!

Coming in 2024 -

March - IKEA -> Yalaha Bakery Cruise

June - IKEA -> Donut King / Citrus Tower Cruise

September - IKEA -> Yalaha Bakery Cruise

December - Cruise for a cause!
During December we will be hosting a "Toys for Tot's" cruise, details are to follow.

Next year (2024)

Additional Event Info to come

Over the course of 2024 we will have 4 cruises planned within the central Florida region. If you would like to plan or help plan an event or cruise in 2024 either in the central Florida region or elsewhere within the state of Florida, please reach out to an admin or moderator on the FLVC facebook group.

Future plans: We currently have in planning a large gathering much like our previous Swedish Socials.
With the success of the Deezerland meet colab between FLVC, FLVCOA, and FLVSA, we are excited to continue these large scale events.

Photos from past events