Who are we!?

No but really, I have no idea who we are :O



Our Short Back Story

The Florida Volvo Community was established in late 2009
as a way to bring together Volvo enthusiasts from the three main communities,
the RWD Trubobrickers, their FWD/AWD counterparts, and the Vintage community.  

Beginning in Central Florida (Orlando) with roughly 6 members we grew quickly to 20,
and well into the hundreds within our first couple years. 
Currently FLVC sits at over 1,000 members from all over the SunShine State!



Meet the Crew

Get to know your local leaders and Admin team. 



Robert CardwellState Admin and Founder of FLVC

Clermont FL


Jaime SedaCentral Florida Admin and Original Member of FLVC

Orlando FL


Jeremy SchifferNorth Florida Admin and Original Member of FLVC

Jacksonville FL



Hunter  MulzoffSouth Florida Admin of FLVC

Miami FL





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 Current Openings

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