Support the community

There are two primary ways you can support the community, either monetarily or simply by donating your time.

Donating your time could mean helping out at events, helping with the website in one way or another, or taking on a role within the community itself that benefits and betters it as a whole.  If you are ever interested in assisting the club and community, simply contact us via the Contact tab above, or reach out via Facebook!


There really are many ways of monetarily supporting the community, from using our amazon associate link when purchasing products off amazon, purchasing raffle tickets at events, purchasing merchandise, to straight up donating to the club community.  
With that said, we definitely want to make it fully clear, we use 100% of the funds generated by the community, for the community.
Typically this gets pumped back into the community with lower merchandise pricing, pavilion rentals during events, group outings to offset costs, website upkeep, and many other ways.  Currently we are looking at ways to display costs, and starting in 2020 we will be showing these costs publicly here on the website below in its on location along with amounts raised through various means, so you can better see how we reinvest in to the community. 

Below you will find more information to help donate time to the community, or to donate money in one way or another to the community. 

Donating your time to the community. 

Event help – We are always looking for help either planning events or during the event (set up, take down, ushering cars, selling raffle tickets, and other duties)
Historian(s) – Currently we do actually need a dedicated person or person’s to assist with capturing events and helping to take record of them. 
Moderating the group – See something Say something!  Users help us keep the Facebook group clean and clear, tag an admin or click report!
Assisting members – It doesn’t take much to be a good friend, neighbor or member of the community.  Helping those who need assistance wrenching builds relationships. 
Other ways to help – Have an idea you want to run by us to help out? Or just want to reach out to volunteer for helping with an event?  Simple contact us via the Contact tab at the top of the page, or reach out to any moderator’s and/or admin’s via Facebook. 

Contributing Financially to the community. 

Amazon Associate Link – Help us raise money for the community by shopping Amazon using our Affiliates Link. (Link opens new window)
PayPal Gift Donations – Send gift (Friends and Family) to
Cash – (Be sure to get a club decal at least if you plan on going this way!)
Club Merchandise – You can purchase from our online shop HERE, or in person at any event to avoid shipping fees. 

Regardless of how you decide to support the community, we just want to say thank you for taking the time to do so.