Please spend a moment checking out our calendar below for upcoming events, you can find major upcoming events listed above the Event Calendar.

If you have suggestions for something you would like to see please feel free to contact us using the tab above. 

Club events are always open to All, members or not.

Major Upcoming Events


2019 – 10 Year Anniversary Orlando IKEA and Donut King Cruise.
October, 2019

Join us for our annual Orlando IKEA meet and Donut King cruise.  
Featuring a 27 mile relaxed cruise along Florida’s Turnpike, a gathering at IKEA to shop or Dine for lunch, a stop at the Iconic Donut King located in Minneola FL, and a scenic final destination for a group photo op, the IKEA Donut king run has been a staple event for the last 10 years and a favorite among many. 


2019 – Camping trip.
November 1st-3rd, 2019

Come relax the weekend away with us at a beautiful camp ground located somewhere between Central FL and North FL. 
There will be springs, a group BBQ, Hiking, and of course plenty of enjoying the “Cool” outdoors!
(Of course we say cool because who doesnt love camping in the mid 70s!)
This is a Family Friendly Event, so if you are down for a bit of a drive, and a great weekend sitting by the fire and enjoying nature, be sure to join us! 


2019 – End of year Secret Santa Meet and Greet. 
December, 2019

What more needs to be said!?
This year we will be getting away from the traditional IKEA parking lot like we have done in the past and aiming for a new setting so stay tuned for announcements regarding this event soon, but honestly, its a Secret Santa meet, what more could you want?