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Post by RobT5 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:20 pm

I have added a few groups and will likely add more going forward based on users.

These groups also add special permissions and access to sections not accessible by other members.

For now in order to join a group please post up here with which group you want access to and why you feel you should be part of that group.
Below are the groups and their join requirements.

Old Man Crew:
Must meet one or multiple of the following requirements.
Over 35
Have at least 1 kid
Perk: User Title!

FLVC Gun Club:
This is an open join club monitored and approved by admin
Own firearm(s)
Have an interest in firearms
Perk: Access to Gun Club forum section and sales area

Tech's of FLVC:
Meet at least 2 of the following requirements
ASE Certification
Working actively at a shop
Approval of a current member of Tech's of FLVC
Perk: Access to Tech only forum section
The Boss

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